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QRG shares 15% of event sales with organizations through a fun, community-based and family-friendly program!
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Spirit Night Request Form

Pick a date

  • Select a date and location for your organization’s event. We host on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 5-9pm. Request for event dates must be made at least two (2) weeks in advance. Scheduling varies by location and is subject to availability.

Promote the event!

  • Invite your patrons to the Moe’s locations of your choice. Fifteen (15) percent of the sales from all participants that tell the cashier they are part of the event will be added to the tally for the night. The more you promote the event in advance, the better the turn out, and the more dollars will be donated to your organization.
  • App or online orders are included if the group name is added to the order when it is placed or if the group name is mentioned at pick-up.
  • You must promote your event ahead of time – not the day of. You cannot have anyone from your group standing outside the store asking for people to donate to your organization nor can fliers be handed out in the restaurant, parking lot, or general vicinity of Moe’s.


  • Meet in-person with your friends and family at the event location from 5-9p. Encourage them to spend and let the cashier know they are with your party!

Collect your check!

  • A check will be mailed to your organization within 10-14 business days following the event and will be issued by check from “Quality Fresca, LLC” to your organization. No guarantees of any kind are made by either party as to the anticipated success of the event.
  • For all the details, download the Spirit Night Guidelines.
Spirit Night Request Form
Spirit Night Guidelines
Moe’s Fundraising has raised thousands of dollars for local organizations.
And counting!
And counting!