Sponsorship Certificate Program

QRG loves supporting the community! You’re making BIG MOVES in educational courses, schools, honor rolls, the arts, athletics programs, personally, physically or professionally, and we want to CELEBRATE YOU and YOUR TEAM with your favorite Moe’s dish (valued at $10 each)!

Sponsorship Application

Supporting Our Communities in Everyday Experiences

Sponsorships are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis to eligible organizations operating within 10 miles of any Moe’s located on the map. Demonstrate how Moe’s will be able to influence the local community for good. These sponsorships are based on certificate availability as they are pre-printed and readily available. Applications should include the following:

  • The organization’s name and type or affiliation
  • A brief description of the program, time period, and/or project for which you are seeking certificates
  • Who the program or project serves and why it is important
  • How many certificates you plan to award
  • Any collaborative opportunities to work with or recognize Moe’s


  • Who or which achievements you want to celebrate or reward? How often do you want to award them?


  • Fill out the Sponsorship Certificate Application and share the details with us! Select available certificates in the application.


  • This is a new program for us! Give [email protected] enough time to respond, approve/deny your application, and communicate next steps with you. You should receive confirmation of your application within 48 hours of submitting the request. If you need additional communication with us in the application window, please reply to that email. Applications will be approved on the first week of each month.


  • Once your application is approved, we want to fill your order quickly and adequately. Please expect three (3) days for shipping once you receive approval.


  • It’s time to celebrate. Let your organization know how great they are performing, doing, teaching, painting… you get the drift. Thanks for letting us participate in your celebration!
  • Because certificate quantity is limited, partners who participate in local fundraisers (Taco Kit Fundraisers or Spirit Night Events) or the Catering Credit Program will be shown preference.
  • We’d love to partner with you even further, let’s discuss catering discounts for regular catering activity!
  • Moe’s requires a month turnaround from the receipt of the application—the application window. When your request has been processed, you will hear from a program administrator via email that your certificates have shipped to the location as noted on the application form.
  • Expect three (3) days once you are notified that your certificates are in the mail.
  • Questions? Contact us at [email protected].
Sponsorship Application
Sponsorship Guidelines
Available Certificates
Teacher of the Month
(value $10)
Student of the Month
(value $10)
Athlete of the Game
(value $10)
Golden Burrito Award
(value $10)
Free Kids Meal
(value $5)
Moe’s Sponsorship Program has helped over
organizations celebrate their achievements!
organizations celebrate their achievements!